AML Ferries

AML Ferries

«AML ferries» (abbreviation is decrypted as «Africa Morocco Link») is a small ferry company that regularly carries out ferriages through the Gibraltar channel.

AML Ferries
AML Ferries
AML Ferries

About a company

Organization began to work in 2016. She was created by the Greek navigable operator of «Attica» in a collaboration with the bank of «BMCE». Ferriages come true on the speed ferry of «Diagoras», that contains to 1 500 persons and 400 cars. He moves with speed a to 21 knot, that allows very quickly to cross the Gibraltar channel and accomplish to 8 voyages daily.

Features of AML ferries

The ferry of company «AML ferries» has a modern design that is counted on providing of maximal comfort of passengers. A ship is equipped by a 131 cabin of class the first «class», and also by comfortable seats for passengers that travel the motion.

During a ferriage it is possible to visit one of a few restaurants or bars onboard, or missed on shops with interesting commodities for tourists and travellers. Also the passengers free access is offered to Wi - Fi, that exactly will not allow to feel miserable.

Points of setting of ferries

«AML ferries» every day carries out ferriages from port Tangier Honey that is northward Morocco, in a city Algeciras, that on South of Spain (and back). A trip does not occupy plenty of time, and during him you will be able to see the great number of beautiful places.

Our advantages

  • High-rate of transportations.
  • Presence of places for passengers with a different budget.
  • Variety of additional services onboard.

Services of «Africa Morocco Link» are reliable and accessible all wishing due to the low cost of tickets. To order last, and also to become familiar with a time-table and tariffs you can on our web-site.