Atlanticoline Ferries


Routes: 12

Shortest Crossing: Madalena - Porto Horta 30 min

Atlanticoline Ferries


Corvo to Santa Cruz / Santa Cruz to Corvo
6 crossings weekly
40 min
Madalena to Porto Horta / Porto Horta to Madalena
6 crossings daily
30 min
Madalena to Porto Velas / Porto Velas to Madalena
1 crossings daily
1 hr 20 min
P. Vitoria to V. Praia / V. Praia to P. Vitoria
2 crossings weekly
3 hr 30 min
Porto Horta to Porto Velas / Porto Velas to Porto Horta
3 crossings weekly
1 hr 40 min
Porto Velas to V. Praia / V. Praia to Porto Velas
2 crossings weekly
2 hr 35 min

The ferry operator of «Atlanticoline Ferries» carries out ferriages on North Atlantic.

Atlanticoline Ferries
Atlanticoline Ferries
Atlanticoline Ferries

About a company «Atlanticoline Ferries»

«Atlanticoline Ferries» is the largest navigable company that offers transportations on the Azores islands. She is founded in 2005, now the AV amount of passengers of her courts makes 100 000 persons in a year.

Ferry routes

The ships of organization walk mainly between the Azores islands that is located for 1 500 kilometres from the European mainland. Their general area makes approximately 600 kilometres. A trip on a ferry is one of the most comfortable methods to reach on islands.

Features «Atlanticoline Ferries»

Initially the fleet of «Atlanticoline Ferries» included one ferry only, however after some time he was substituted by 3 more modern ships:

  • «Hellenic Wind» - works in a period from May for September.
  • «Express Santorini» - also works only from May for September.
  • «Ariel» - plies the whole year round.

Every ship is equipped by seats for passengers. Also on them a cafe and bars work with hot/cold dishes, and also shops in that it is possible to buy souvenir products and sweetnesses.

To long families, pensioner, to the people with limit possibilities, children and large groups additional bonuses and discounts are offered. Transportation of domestic animals is assumed.


  • Absence of strict requirements to the clients.
  • High-rate of transportations.
  • Comfort of ferries.

A company «Atlanticoline Ferries» offers the advantageous terms of trip on the Azores islands, due to what a ferriage becomes accessible to almost any. you can know a time-table and routes of ferries, and also to book ticket on them only for the pair of clicks on our web-site.