Colonia Express


Routes: 8

Shortest Crossing: Buenos Aires - Colonia 1 hr 15 min

Colonia Express


Buenos Aires to Colonia / Colonia to Buenos Aires
3 crossings daily
1 hr 15 min
Buenos Aires to Montevideo / Montevideo to Buenos Aires
3 crossings daily
4 hr 45 min
Buenos Aires to Piriapolis / Piriapolis to Buenos Aires
7 crossings weekly
6 hr 45 min
Buenos Aires to Punta del Este / Punta del Este to Buenos Aires
1 crossings daily
7 hr 30 min

Colonia Express customers are offered South America ferry services. Among travelers, routes along the Río de la Plata River are in high demand, allowing you to enjoy the diverse and picturesque nature of the region nearby.

The starting point of the trip is the Argentine capital Buenos-Aires, and the end point is the city of Colonia del Sacramento - one of the largest port cities of Urgway.

Colonia Express
Colonia Express

About the organization

Colonia Express is an Argentine ferry company that was founded in February 2007 by the sons of the former owner of Ferrylíneas.

Initially, the operator's fleet included only one ship - the catamaran "Colonia Express," but later another model was acquired under the name "Buenos-Aires Colonia." Also, customers are offered crossings on the large ferry "Atlantic Express," which was acquired in 2015.

Features of the ferry company

The list of Colonia Express services includes not only ferry crossings. In addition to them, customers are offered bus tours to the main tourist cities and resorts of Urgway, as well as rental of hotels in them.

All ships of the company are equipped in accordance with advanced technical standards. Passengers are offered cafes and self-service restaurants, shops with tourist goods, recreation areas with large TVs and comfortable seats.

To admire the beautiful nature of South America, you can go to the deck, where all the elements necessary for a comfortable pastime are also provided.

Our Advantages

  • High frequency of flights.
  • Scenic routes with beautiful natural views.
  • Comfort and variety of services on the ships of the company.

Colonia Express is not for nothing considered one of Argentine's most influential transport companies - it offers high-quality and diverse tourist services. You can book a place by ferry, as well as get acquainted with the available routes on our website.