Minoan Lines


Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Ancona - Corfu 19 hr 30 min

Minoan Lines


Ancona to Corfu / Corfu to Ancona
2 crossings weekly
19 hr 30 min
Ancona to Igoumenitsa / Igoumenitsa to Ancona
7 crossings weekly
20 hr 30 min
Ancona to Patras / Patras to Ancona
6 crossings weekly
22 hr 30 min

The largest ferry operator in Greece «Minoan Lines Ferry» provides ferry services within the country as well as with other countries of the world. Its customers are offered routes between the major terminal of Piraeus, the islands of Cyclades, Creet and the key ports of Italy.

Minoan Lines
Minoan Lines
Minoan Lines

Company Features

«Minoan Lines Ferry» focuses primarily on customers' needs, offering them the most effective tourism solutions. The operator is constantly increasing the quality and variety of its services by purchasing more and more modern and comfortable vessels and by widening the list of available destinations. Thanks to this it occupies high positions in the world rankings of the best maritime organizations.

The company's fleet is huge and diverse. It includes both compact, very fast ships for high-speed transportation and huge cruise ferries designed for long voyages around the beautiful «White Sea» and its amazing islands.

What's on offer aboard the ferry?

The company in question provides its customers with a wide range of on-board services. For recreation they are offered comfortable cabins (there are «suites» and budget options), restaurants, bars, and large cinemas. Among the entertainments – playgrounds, play areas for adults, swimming pools, clubs, etc. Also on the «Minoan Lines Ferry» a well-developed network of duty-free stores.

The outside of the ferries are equipped with comfortable viewing platforms, which offer a great view on the constantly flashing beauty of the Italian and Greek coasts. All of the amenities described above allow travelers to begin their vacation as soon as they step onto the deck of the ferry. And the quality of onboard services is in no way inferior to popular resorts.

Positive qualities of «Minoan Lines Ferry»

  • A wide selection of maritime destinations.
  • Excellent quality of service
  • A variety of onboard services.

If you want to experience all the delights of a cruise vacation, you should definitely visit the «Minoan Lines Ferry». On our website you can purchase your ticket.