Pentland Ferries


Routes: 2

Shortest Crossing: Gills Bay - St Margarets Hope 1 hr

Pentland Ferries


Gills Bay to St Margarets Hope / St Margarets Hope to Gills Bay
3 crossings daily
1 hr

Customers of «Pentland Ferries» are offered fast crossings from Scotland to the Orkney Islands as well as routes from the mainland ports on the Pentland Firth. A key focus of the organization is sustainability, using the least polluting raw materials possible. It is currently considered one of the most «green» shipping companies in the world.

The company is also one of the world's largest shipping companies.

Pentland Ferries
Pentland Ferries
Pentland Ferries

Service features of the organization

The introduction of this vessel has allowed «Pentland Ferries» to reduce crossing times by about an hour and increase the number of trips made. Another advantage of the catamaran is the use of advanced safety technology, which allows customers to have a safe crossing even when the weather conditions are bad. The vessel has a very smooth ride, which will make life much easier for people with seasickness.

The operator's proposed itineraries not only sail through the Pentland Firth, but also through the Bay of Gill and the Bay of Saint Margaret, giving travelers the opportunity to see many beautiful sites and to admire the local exotic fauna up close & personal.

On board the catamaran there are comfortable cabins in which you can have a good rest during the crossing. In addition to these there are small dining areas, play areas and other places where you can spend your time pleasantly. Climbing up onto the deck, they provide comfortable viewing platforms with a great view over the local natural landscape.

Benefits of the organization

  • High speed crossings
  • Lots of trips on scenic routes
  • Excellent quality of service and leisure facilities on board

For your convenience, you can use our website to view up-to-date information about «Pentland Ferries» flights in advance, as well as purchase your ticket on the ship.