Scandlines Ferries


Routes: 4

Shortest Crossing: Puttgarden - Rodby 45 min

Scandlines Ferries


Gedser to Rostock / Rostock to Gedser
8 crossings daily
1 hr 45 min
Puttgarden to Rodby / Rodby to Puttgarden
45 crossings daily
45 min

The international ferry company «Scandlines Ferries» operates regular crossings on several routes between Denmark, Germany and Sweden. The organization focuses on convenient crossings between the three countries as well as efficient and convenient transport of as many people and goods as possible.

Scandlines Ferries
Scandlines Ferries
Scandlines Ferries

About «Scandlines Ferries»

«Scandlines Ferries» was founded back in the 19th century and originally served only one route between Funen Island and Jutland. Today it is one of Europe's largest ferry operators, operating more than 90,000 crossings each year. The number of passengers carried during this period reaches 15,000,000, cars – 3,300,000.

A fleet of 12 large ferries is used to serve the crossings. All vessels are equipped with several varieties of cozy cabins in which passengers can relax during the crossing. There are also onboard restaurants and cafes where you can taste dishes from different cuisines of the world. Apart from them there are also duty free stores where you can buy alcohol and tobacco products, sweets, cosmetics and perfume of elite brands.

Another feature of the organization – maximum efficiency of transportation. For them, the shortest and safest routes are chosen. The result is a fast and convenient connection between several countries, useful for travelers and locals alike. Ships sail between major port cities, from which you can easily reach almost any other part of the country.

Benefits of «Scandlines Ferries»

  • A large number of flights with high customer and freight speeds.
  • A high level of comfort and a large number of additional services on board.
  • Transfers are made between convenient transportation hubs, which makes traveling through European countries much easier.
  • The high level of comfort and a large number of extras.

«Scandlines Ferries» is considered one of the best shipping companies in the world, as it offers high quality services. You can book your ferry seat in advance right on our website.