Aegadian Islands Aegadian Islands

The small Egadian archipelago includes only 3 islands – Levanto, Marettimo, Favignana, and a tiny piece of land called Formica. The archipelago is situated not far from Sicily, making it very popular with tourists. All the islands have their own individual characteristics:

  • Levanzo – a very beautiful island with minimalist architecture.
  • Marettimo – a great place for people who love hiking in amazing natural locations.
  • Favignana – the most comfortable resort island where the whole family can relax perfectly.
Aegadian Islands
Aegadian Islands
Aegadian Islands

All the islands have one thing in common – a unique Mediterranean flavor that gives tourists an unforgettable experience. The most important part of each of them are the ports – they are the main transportation hubs that connect all the parts of the archipelago with each other and with the other parts of Italy.

What are the ports of the Aegadian Islands interesting?

Favignana – the largest island of the archipelago with an impressive port should be highlighted first. The latter is able to host almost any passenger ship, so it often becomes one of the points of major cruises. Practically all the main infrastructures of the city are concentrated around the port – cozy hotels, beautiful beaches with bars and restaurants for all tastes, as well as play areas for adults and children.

Marettimo is the most remote island from Sicily, which is practically untouched by the hand of man. On it there is a small fishing village with a port for small and medium-sized passenger ships. This holiday destination will especially appeal to those who are interested in the unique nature of the Mediterranean.

Levanzo – a very compact but very colorful island with a surprising charm. It is a quiet and peaceful place, perfect for those who love secluded holidays. It has a relatively small port in the center of the town, accepting both small ships and large yachts.

At each of the Aegadian Islands, tourists are offered exciting boat trips in the Mediterranean Sea, allowing to fully enjoy its beauties and have a great time. You can book your ferry ticket in advance, right on our website.