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The Republic of Ireland is located in northwestern Europe. "Emerald Island" is famous for a large number of atmospheric medieval castles, hearty cuisine with a famous stew and an unusual rest on the sea "in the north." Ireland is cozy Dublin, evergreen plants, Ring Kerry hiking route, language tours and more.


Ferries cannot be dispensed with

The republic, which occupies most of the island of the same name, is washed by the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The coasts of Great Britain and Ireland are separated by the Strait of St. George. This geographical location has led to the development of water transport. In particular, with France, Great Britain, the Isle of Man there is a regular ferry service.

How to get to Ireland

As a rule, ships come to the seaports of Rosler, Dublin and Cork. The fare depends on the distance, comfort of the place and the season, and you can book a ferry ticket online.

From the nearest ports, flights are made to islands located on the west coast. For example, you can get to Aranmore, Inishbofin, Aran, using the ferry crossing. Ferry services are provided by five large carriers - Brittany Ferries, Steam Packet, P&O Irish Sea, Irish Ferries, Stena Line. Among the most popular routes for which tickets are best booked in advance are the following:

  • Pembroke - Rosler Europort (travel time - 4 hours, ships run 1 times a week);
  • Liverpool Birkenhead - Belfast (8 hours);
  • Cairnryan - Belfast (departure five times a day);
  • Holyhead - Dublin (flight duration - 3 hours 15 minutes);
  • Cairnryan - Larne (in two hours you can get from Scotland).

Ireland seems to have come off advertising photos that clearly lose to the natural splendor of the northern state. The indescribable beauty of Greenland, the limitless expanses of Donegol County, the pacifying waves of the Atlantic are only a small part of what the country has written to admirers of privacy and beauty. Also, Ireland is best characterized by the delight of local residents and the diverse art of all styles and directions.