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North African countries: Algeria (the capital of Algeria), Egypt (Cairo), Western Sahara (El Ayun), Libya (Tripoli), Morocco (Rabat) and Tunisia, similar in tourist opportunities, formed Arab Africa, or the so-called Maghreb. These countries are united by warm seas or the ocean, luxurious places for passive recreation and numerous attractions. But the political instability of some countries suggests a certain risk to tourism.

North Africa
North Africa
North Africa

Tunisia, due to the lack of funds for the development of the tourist program, has originally resolved the issue of attracting travelers to the country. Having sandy beaches, the ruins of ancient Carthage, countless historical monuments of various eras, Tunisia offers vacationers all this at prices much lower than in neighboring Egypt. Practical tourists, assessing such conditions, began to visit the resorts of Tunisia more actively. The flow of female tourists has increased significantly. This was facilitated by the original "chip" of tour operators, called thalassotherapy. Thousands of fans of alternative rejuvenation methods who want to rejuvenate or keep their figure for a long time have rushed to Tunisia for coating or wrapping procedures used by local esculapes.

Morocco, the westernmost part of North Africa, with exits to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, can offer tourists a rather extensive excursion program. Travelers can admire the views of the forest-covered Atlas Mountains (up to 3000 meters high), the Rif mountain range, or spend time in the Sahara desert. The main entertainment offered to tourists in Morocco is identical to services in neighboring Egypt, but prices are slightly lower.

Maritime communication between the Maghreb countries is very well established.

North African ferry service

Carriers Baleria, La Meridionale, GNV and Trasmediterranea provide domestic, interstate and international ferry services to the Maghreb countries. Regularly, several times a week, comfortable ferries arrive from Spain, Italy, France, and other European countries. You will get acquainted with their schedule, order a ferry ticket, get acquainted with other necessary information on the move, you can use our website.

Having visited North Africa, a comparative characteristic can be compiled only by visiting all the countries of the Maghreb. And this means that you don't need to look for an occasion to visit the pearls of Africa.