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Walking along the embankments of Lisbon, inhaling the smell of eucalypts and oranges, tourists sometimes feel somewhere in southern Spain or in southern France. But this is Portugal, a country of football fans, a country of excellent beach recreation, combined with visiting ancient castles and powerful fortresses, a country of an incredible number of churches, cathedrals and monasteries.


Ancient history left behind the majestic castle of St. George in Lisbon, inspiring respect and awe with its appearance. More elegant palaces Kelush and Mafra meet tourists with their beauty and luxury. The Aguash-Libres Aqueduct and the Belem Tower (protected by UNESCO) are popular places visited by guests of the capital.

The city of monumental buildings is Porto, famous for Guimaraes Castle, the original Ribeira district and the Port Museum.

For pilgrim tourists, a real event will be a visit to Braga, where the archbishop's residence and the famous Church of Christ on Calvary are located. Located nearby Fatima, for more than 100 years visited by pilgrims as a place of appearance of the Virgin Mary.

Lovers of more modern entertainment will be able to visit the only in the world, the huge aquarium of Lisbon, where representatives of all the oceans of the planet are gathered. Adrenaline lovers are waiting for the Algarve Water Park, where there are a sufficient number of extreme attractions. In addition to these entertainment, outdoor enthusiasts expect the opportunity to engage in golf, tennis, rafting, fishing or sailing.

Ferry service in Portugal

Portugal has an extensive ferry infrastructure. In Lisbon, there is a ferry across the Téjou River, regular flights are operated between Madeira and the island of Porto Santa, to Setubal (through the bay to the Troy Peninsula), the Azores are also fully covered by ferry services. The companies are carriers Atlanticoline and Porto Santo, operating regular flights from 12 ports in 12 different directions. You can get acquainted with the latest information about the schedule, travel rules, or book a ticket for any flight using our website.

For the first time visiting Portugal, you can not immediately realize how it is possible to keep nature intact, while using all modern technologies. How can you ensure the preservation of medieval buildings, and at the same time build modern buildings. Surely, in order to give answers to these questions, to understand the soul of Portugal, it is necessary to visit it more than once.