South Korea South Korea

One of the most developed countries in Asia, located in its eastern part, occupies a leading position in the supply of computer equipment. In addition, South Korea is famous for its purest sandy beaches and healing mineral springs, excellent ski resorts, and a large number of monuments of ancient dynasties.

South Korea
South Korea
South Korea

Ferry service of the country

The Republic is located on the Korean Peninsula and is washed by the Japanese and Yellow Seas, as well as the Korean Strait. This geographical location contributes to the development of water transport. The service is mainly carried out by ferries, which depart from many ports located along the sea coast, to the nearest islands and neighboring countries.

Crossings are served by ten companies, including Hanil Express, Namhae Gosok Ferry, Camellia Line, JR Kyushu Beetle Jet Ferry, Panstar Cruise and others. A wide variety of flights from different carriers allows you to choose and book a ferry ticket at the most suitable time. At long distances, you can order a separate cabin with all the amenities so that the sea journey will be most comfortable.

Where you can get by ferry

Ferries regularly run between cities located on the coast. This is a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to move. The main thing is to book tickets in advance, because the passenger flow is very large. Also, crossings connect the Republic with other countries - Japan, Russia, China. Among the most popular crossings are the following:

  • Hakata - Busan;
  • Hitakatsu - Busan
  • Mokpho - Jeju
  • Sakaiminato - Tonhe;
  • Lianyungang - Incheon and others.

Visiting South Korea, you can plunge into the amazing world of the Ancient East and enjoy the incredible nature that is adjacent to the futuristic cities of the future. This high-tech country is suitable for travel at any time of the year, delighting with a large number of interesting attractions, including the Hwasong Fortress, the Hedon Yengunsa Temple in Busan, a unique village in Yongyin and many others.