Blue Water Express

Blue Water Express

The ferry operator of «Blue Water Express» carries out speed ferry ferriages between the Indonesian islands.

Blue Water Express

About our company

«Blue Water Express» is the British company that was founded in 2005. Her key principles it is been professionalism of employees, and also comfort of clients. Due to their clear observance she became one of the largest navigable organizations of region quickly.

Features «Blue Water Express»

A company has a fleet from three high-speed courts that contain from 50 to 70 passengers. Each of them is equipped so that to provide to the passengers a comfort in the conditions of hot climate.

Frequency of the accomplished voyages straight depends on a season and weather terms.

Onboard the clients cold drinks and sweetnesses are offered to, and in the cost of tickets on some routes morning tea or coffee is also included. Also ships are equipped by decks-solariums, that allows позагорать in the process of ferriage. In the list of additional services transfers are included on minibuses to the local hotels and back (topically for islands Padang-bai and Serangan).


  • Comfort terms on courts.
  • High-rate of journeys.
  • Presence of pleasant bonuses and additional services.
  • Points of setting

Ships «Blue Water Express» are plied between the islands of Gili, Lombok and Bali. Each of them is unique shangri-la with surprizing nature and purely clean water. A trip between them is accompanied by the storm of emotions and allows to see the great number of beautiful landscape.

A company «Blue Water Express» works maximally effectively, that allows to transport plenty of tourists her in short space, here providing by him a comfort and good mood. To become familiar with routes, chart of work of courts, and also book ticket you can on our web-site.