Caronte & Tourist

Caronte & Tourist

Ferry company «Caronte & Tourist» specialized on ferriages from mainland Italy to the island Sicily.

Caronte & Tourist
Caronte & Tourist
Caronte & Tourist

Points of setting

Sitting down on a ferry is possible in port of Salerno, and the mestome of arrival is port Messina. A ferriage comes true through Мессинский spilling, one of the most picturesque places of the world with a wonderful kind on a coast.

Ferries are envisaged in Campaign – south area of Italy with beautiful nature, and also interesting sights. Also a company carries out voyages along the different coasts of Italy and Sicily, that allows to a full degree to enjoy local красотами.

About a company 

«Caronte & Tourist» – Italian operator of ferries, that works from 2003. A company is one of the largest in the region, more than 10 ferries of different models are included in her fleet.

Key aim that before itself is put by organization – realization of effective and rapid transportations. Due to it she got hold confession among travellers.

Features «Caronte & Tourist»

The clients of company ferriages are offered to on comfortable courts, on that resting-places, restaurants, entertaining establishments, playgrounds for children, are equipped. Trips on them are maximally pleasant and advantageous – you can enjoy the wonderful types of sea sitting in the refined restaurant, or calmly to have a rest in a comfort cabin, expecting arrival in the point of setting.

Advantages of our company 

  • Interesting and memorizable routes.
  • Comfortable ferries with the wide assortment of entertaining services.
  • Efficiency and high-rate of transportations.

Trip on a ferry «Caronte & Tourist» will present to you the unforgettable impressions and will allow to visit the great number of picturesque places. To reserve a place you can beforehand on our web-site routes and tariffs of ferriages are presented. It is here possible to purchase a ticket on a ship.