Color Line Ferries

Color Line Ferries

Color Line is one of the largest ferry operators of Norway, which occupies a leading position in its field among all European countries.

The organization has existed for more than 100 years, although it received its modern name only in 1990. During this time, she provided ferry crossings to millions of people. The head office is located in Oslo, regional offices are also provided in large cities of the countries of Skandinavia. The range of services of the company includes not only passenger, but also freight transportation.

Color Line Ferries
Color Line Ferries
Color Line Ferries


The organization offers several routes for cargo and passenger crossings, including:

  • Oslo – Kiel.
  • Kristiansand – Hirtshals.
  • Larvik – Hirtshals.
  • Sandefjord – Stromstad.

Routes run through the North Sea, along the picturesque coasts of European countries. They are great for cruise travel, as they allow you to look at the natural beauty of the region from close range.

Features of our ferry company

One of the most important features of Color Line is the variety of offers. Tourists are offered a variety of cabins, presented both by modest but cozy economy options, and by large luxury rooms with all the amenities.

Travelers will be able to relax well not only in the cabin - the company's ships are equipped with numerous restaurants, duty-free shops, play areas, as well as other entertainment institutions for children and adults. At the same time, you can simply climb to the deck at any time, sit on a comfortable lounger and admire the seascapes to the accompaniment of gulls.

Benefits of Color Line

  • Flexible pricing policy with options for travelers with any budget.
  • Various routes to beautiful places.
  • High quality of service and variety of services on board ships.

The use of Color Line services will allow you to immerse yourself in a magical sea trip through the northern waters and coasts. On our website you can get acquainted with the available directions, prices for the company's services, as well as order a ferry ticket.