Majestic Fast Ferries

Majestic Fast Ferries

The «Majestic Fast Ferries» organization provides a ferry service between Singapore as well as the Indonesian island of Batam. The departure point – Singapore Harbourfront Terminal. Destinations are:

  • Central Batam Port (up to 12 crossings daily)
  • Terminal «Sekupang» (up to 9 crossings daily)

The average duration of the crossings is 45 minutes, with the first departures mainly at 8 am and the last arrivals at 9 pm. There is an opportunity to cross in the opposite direction as well.

Majestic Fast Ferries
Majestic Fast Ferries
Majestic Fast Ferries

You can also cross in the opposite direction.

Properties of «Majestic Fast Ferries»

The organization uses state-of-the-art, high-speed ferries with plenty of seating capacity for passengers to make crossings. Each vessel is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest of passengers. The tourists are provided with comfortable places to relax as well as on-board entertainment – bar, game areas, free Wi-Fi etc.

There are also comfortable viewing platforms on the ships, where you can enjoy the changing landscapes overboard. The itineraries lead through the scenic Singapore Strait and offer plenty of great sights and experiences along the way.

The organization offers crossings at affordable prices, but seasonal discounts are also available. They greatly reduce the cost of traveling on Asian waters.

Just as well, «Majestic Fast Ferries» arranges sea tours on Singapore Strait and helps its customers with their land travel by offering related services. It's extremely helpful if you want to see as much of Asia as possible.

Benefits of the company

  • Comfortable environment on the ships
  • Low cost of crossings.
  • High frequency of cruises at any time of the year.

To make sure you get on the ferry, you can reserve a seat in advance on our website. A list of available routes and an up-to-date schedule is also available.