«Medmar» – one of the largest ferry operators in Italy, which offers tourists crossings on the Gulf of Naples.

The organization was founded in the middle of the last century, making it one of the oldest maritime companies in the country. Today, it is a leader in Italy's ferry industry, ferrying more than 1.8 million people and 500,000 vehicles annually. The organization offers more than 25 voyages every day, making it one of the most efficient operators in local waters.

Ferry routes


The company «Medmar» specializes in ferries between ports in mainland Italy, as well as several of its islands:

  • Ischia.
  • Procida.
  • Ponza.

The routes pass through the amazing beauty of the Gulf of Naples, allowing passengers to enjoy the aesthetics of the local coastal villages as well as the beautiful scenery of the sea.

Thanks to the organization's well-established, extensive subdivision system, it is possible to catch a ferry at virtually any major port on the mainland.

Features of «Medmar»

The operator has a huge fleet consisting of a variety of vessels designed for various purposes. These range from smaller speedboats and catamarans capable of taking passengers to their final destination in a short space of time to large ferries ideal for long voyages.

The latter are equipped with a maximum number of amenities that can brighten up the passengers' time. Among them – comfortable cabins, recreation areas for adults and children, on-board restaurants and bars, observation decks. The decks of the ferries offer beautiful views of the picturesque coasts of mainland Italy and its islands.

In tourist seasons, the organization runs a variety of promotions that allow you to save well on travel to certain destinations, or get nice bonuses along the way.

Company Benefits

  • Variety of routes.
  • Huge fleet of modern ships.
  • High level of customer service on board.

If you would like to use the services of «Medmar» you can buy your ferry ticket in advance right on our website.