Sardinia Ferries


Routes: 34

Shortest Crossing: Piombino - Portoferraio 45 min

Most Popular Route': Toulon - Porto Torres

Sardinia Ferries


Ajaccio to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Ajaccio
1 crossings weekly
4 hr
Ajaccio to Toulon / Toulon to Ajaccio
1 crossings daily
6 hr 30 min
Alcudia to Toulon / Toulon to Alcudia
2 crossings weekly
10 hr 28 min
Bastia to Livorno / Livorno to Bastia
1 crossings daily
3 hr
Bastia to Nice / Nice to Bastia
3 crossings weekly
5 hr 30 min
Bastia to Piombino / Piombino to Bastia
2 crossings weekly
2 hr 30 min
Bastia to Portoferraio / Portoferraio to Bastia
2 crossings weekly
1 hr 30 min
Bastia to Savona / Savona to Bastia
1 crossings daily
5 hr
Bastia to Toulon / Toulon to Bastia
7 crossings weekly
8 hr 30 min
Golfo Aranci to Livorno / Livorno to Golfo Aranci
1 crossings daily
7 hr
Golfo Aranci to Savona / Savona to Golfo Aranci
2 crossings weekly
8 hr 28 min
Ile Rousse to Nice / Nice to Ile Rousse
1 crossings weekly
4 hr 3 min
Ile Rousse to Toulon / Toulon to Ile Rousse
5 crossings weekly
6 hr 58 min
Mahon to Toulon / Toulon to Mahon
1 crossings weekly
13 hr 58 min
Piombino to Portoferraio / Portoferraio to Piombino
4 crossings daily
45 min
Porto Torres to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Torres
2 crossings weekly
7 hr 30 min
Porto Vecchio to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Vecchio
2 crossings weekly
11 hr

«Sardinia Ferries» – an international shipping company and the largest ferry operator in the Western Mediterranean Sea. Each year, it serves more than 2.8 million passengers worldwide, offering them a wide range of routes for sea travel.

Sardinia Ferries
Sardinia Ferries
Sardinia Ferries

The organization provides ferry service between the following locations:

  • Sardinia.
  • Corsica.
  • Elbe.
  • Sicilia.
  • Balearic islands.

The ferries depart from the major ports of Italy and France, located in the Mediterranean Sea. The operator operates year-round and offers up to 13 daily crossings. The «Sardinia Ferries» fleet includes 14 large cargo-passenger vessels with space for customers' cars.

Operator Features

The company's range of services includes both high speed and pleasure ferries at popular Mediterranean Sea resorts. They pass along the picturesque coasts with beautiful nature and cute island settlements. During the trip, passengers can enjoy beautiful views and take lots of impressive photos.

Onboard service is especially noteworthy. Sardinia Ferries «s customers can enjoy comfortable cabins with a full range of amenities for a good time. There are also gourmet restaurants on the ships that offer local cuisine. Among other things – free Wi-Fi, televisions, and playgrounds for people of all ages.

And among the positive qualities of the organization are the democratic prices that allow the vast majority of tourists to enjoy a fascinating voyage by sea.

Benefits of «Sardinia Ferries

  • High quality service and value-added extras on board.
  • A wide choice of interesting tourist itineraries.
  • Customer-friendly pricing policy.

A trip to the beautiful tourist islands of Italy will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Book your ferry berth with «Sardinia Ferries™ as well as up-to-date flight information directly on our website.

You can book your ferry in advance.