Saronic Ferries

Saronic Ferries

Saronic Ferries
Saronic Ferries
Saronic Ferries

The company «Saronic Ferries» offers its customers a ferry service between the large port city of Pirea, in Greece, and several popular resort islands:

  • «Aegina»
  • «Agistri»
  • «Metana»
  • «Poros»

Tourists have a variety of routes on the Saronic pour with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of local nature. There are regular crossings, especially during the tourist season.

Company Features Saronic Ferries

«Saronic Ferries» has a small fleet, but it includes 4 large cruise ferries «Phivos», «Achaos», «Apollo Ellada» and «Poseidon Ellada». Each of them can carry more than 1,000 passengers and 100 vehicles, so that the operator can serve a huge number of people without compromising the quality of services.

Each vessel features luxurious interiors with high-tech amenities in all cabins, lounge areas, bars, play areas, and plenty of deck space with beautiful views of the Mediterranean landscape. Along with this, a responsive crew is provided, which welcomes passengers and helps them to fully enjoy their holiday.

Loyal customers of «Saronic Ferries» can receive a special bonus card, which gives access to privileges on board, as well as special offers from the operator. Thanks to all the services offered by the company, you can not only travel efficiently to the most popular tourist islands, but also have a great time at sea, enjoying luxury and comfort.

Main Benefits

  • Interesting itineraries that pass through picturesque coasts with exotic nature.
  • A wide variety of services on board, as well as high quality passenger service.
  • A frequent flyer's bonus card for extra privileges during your trip.
  • A wide variety of services on board, as well as a high quality of service.

«Saronic Ferries» offers high-quality services, which you can take advantage of simply by purchasing your ticket directly on our website.