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Canada – it is high quality skiing resorts, «language turns», staggering national parks, hockey and maples. A country that occupies practically the half of area of continent and is on the second place areally in the world can offer entertainments suited to every fancy.


A water-carriage is in Canada

Canada can boast the developed transport infrastructure. And though the bulk of loads is transported on the ferrous road, quite a bit commodities in a country are delivered on water. Tourists quite often choose trips on ferries and cruise liners. They ply on lakes, rivers and off-shore zones. The cost of such walk is varied, depending on the terms of service and user facilities.

Main ports and voyages

A port infrastructure that counts a 550 building is developed in Canada. Main ports of country :

  • Vancouver – largest port of Canada, that serves one of the most popular voyages in the world «Vancouver – Alaska»;
  • Halifax – has about 100 moorages, accepts to 45 courts simultaneously;
  • Montreal – works from April to the middle of December, because freezes in winter, 140 moorages are able to accept to 100 courts;
  • Quebec – accepts loads, has a terminal for large cruise liners.

Ports serve passenger transportations also.

Ferry routes of Canada

Tourists can choose one of great number of variants.

  • A company Alaska Marine Highway serves ferries on routes Alaska – Prince Rupert, Washington – Prince Rupert.
  • Taking advantage of ferriage from a ferryman Washington State Ferries, it is possible to reach to Sidney. Ships will pass island San Juan.
  • Victoria – Washington.
  • A voyage plying from New Scotland in the state Maine ensues from port of Yarmouth in Bar Harbor.
  • Fortune (Newfoundland) – Saint Pierre.
  • Wolf Island – Cape Vincent (New York).

Reserving tickets on a ferry is recommended beforehand. It can be done on-line.

Canada – enormous state in that at once six sentinels of belts. This country will find what to surprise the even spoiled trip.