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A large part of Sweden is washed by the sea, so the country has a well-developed ferry infrastructure. There are several major ports, which can be used for convenient travel to interesting tourist sites. Many of them are located near the ports or on the coast, making sea cruises the best way to explore the sights of Scandinavia.


Main Swedish ports

The country is rich with seaports of varying degrees of development. Among them, we can distinguish several major ones that will be most interesting and useful for tourists:

  • Stockholm. The capital has one of the largest cargo and passenger ports in the country, which is a convenient transportation hub for people who want to get there from other parts of the country by sea.
  • Goteborg. It is a huge port located at the mouth of the Göta Elw. Travelers are offered convenient routes on it from various parts of Sweden. Thus you can quickly get to the major tourist center.
  • Karlskrona. The crossing to this port – easy and pleasant way to get to the southern coast of the country from the North or West. Ferries from the two ports described above, as well as other European countries (Germany, Poland, Lithuania) go here.
  • Foresmund. A trip to this port by ship – the main way to get to the island of Gotland.
  • Helsinborg. One of the largest ports in the country, located on the southwest coast. It is within walking distance of interesting architectural sights of one of the most important cultural centers of the country.

Tourist ships from all over Sweden, as well as nearby European countries, head to these ports. However, from them you can travel to lesser-known ports and harbors. This will allow you to get to know the country better, see other corners of it, as well as get a lot of positive emotions from observing the beauty of local nature.

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