Portsmouth to Fishbourne / Fishbourne to Portsmouth
21 crossings daily
45 min

Fishbourne is a small port village located near the Solent Strait, which separates White Island from Great Britain. The village has been known since ancient times, near it the Norman abbey of 1132 and the Benedekta monastery, nearby the existing Kvarr abbey. 5 km from Fishbourne is Ryde, the largest city in the Isle of Wight.


Fishbourne ferry service

The ferry port is the basis of Fishbourne's economy. The Fishbourne-Portsmouth line is the most popular ferry crossing between White Island and Great Britain. White Link, operating on the Fishbourne-Portsmouth line for more than 160 years, operates up to 30 flights per day per season.

On board the ferry you can get an extensive set of services - from hot meals to sun loungers for tanning on decks.

Tickets can be purchased at two rates: standard and economical, economy class tickets are not refundable. The ferry at an economical rate for one passenger with a bicycle will be 14.5 pounds. Crossing two passengers with a car at a standard rate will cost from 60 pounds one way. If you choose to travel out of hours, you can get discounts.

If you need to transfer often, then it is advisable to purchase a subscription, for a week it will cost 65 pounds, for a month - 220 pounds. But we must remember that the subscription applies only to pedestrian trips. Holders of an annual subscription can smuggle a car 4 times for free.

Check in passengers with a car no later than 30 minutes before departure, pedestrians - 15 minutes. Sometimes ferries can leave a little earlier or a little later than the time indicated in the schedule.

Fishbourne Port

The port has developed multi-lane access roads, but there are no parking lots in Fishbourne.

You can get to the port from the local small White Sandan airport, it takes only light aircraft - a little more than 15 km road will take no more than half an hour. The alternative is Bournemouth International Airport, but it is about 90 km away and you will have to use the ferry from Portsmouth to Fishbourne.

At the entrance to the loading area of ​ ​ the ferry terminal there is an electric car charging station, a little closer to the terminal there is a single restaurant nearby.

You can book tickets for the ferry on our website.