Ile Rousse


Marseille to Ile Rousse / Ile Rousse to Marseille
3 crossings weekly
11 hr
Nice to Ile Rousse / Ile Rousse to Nice
1 crossings weekly
5 hr 58 min
Toulon to Ile Rousse / Ile Rousse to Toulon
1 crossings weekly
6 hr 58 min

Ile Rousse is located in the most popular northwestern tourist area of the island of Corsica. The name of the city was given to the red rocks surrounding the bay in which the port is located and excellent sandy beaches, which are internationally famous. The surroundings of the city are rich in historical monuments, the Phoenicians were the first to master these places.

Ile Rousse
Ile Rousse
Ile Rousse

Ferry service

Ferry service connects Ile Rousse with mainland France - Marcel, Toulon, Savon, Nice and Italian Livorno. Corsica Ferries operates most flights from the port of Ile Rousse, Corsica Linea operates 3 flights a week to Marseille.

The ferry can take between 6 and 11 hours depending on the destination port. If the chair in the cabin does not suit and a place is required in the cabin, then you will have to pay extra for the cabin.

Ticket prices depend on the season and day of the week, prices are highest in July and August, but during the Christmas holidays, especially on the line to Toulon, they can also rise. Discounts are more often provided by Corsica Ferries, the size of these discounts can reach up to 40% and higher. The same company offers more loyal prices, for example, transporting two passengers and a car from Ile Rousse to Marseille will cost from 100 euros, on the Corsica Linea ferry the price can exceed 200 euros. Insurance and other fees can be added to the price of a ferry ticket. If the car is large, for example, a camper or a minivan, then the crossing will be more expensive.

Port of Ile Rousse

You can get to the port of Ile Rousse from Napoleon Bonaparte Airport in Ajaccio - this is about 140 km. On the roads, traffic jams are possible and the path along the mountain road by bus, taxi or rented car can take much more than 2 hours.

Port L'Île-Ros is a popular destination for yacht cruises. Seabourn's five-star cruise ships also enter Ile Rousse.

The port has developed access roads, but the nearest parking is about 300 meters from the loading area near the Hotel La Pietra. Two small restaurants are located right at the loading area.

You can book a ferry ticket on our website.