Melilla to Motril / Motril to Melilla
3 crossings weekly
3 hr 15 min

The Spanish province of Grenada, along the Mediterranean coast, is home to the relatively small port city of Motril. It is a beautiful resort where the sun shines almost all year round (average – 320 days). The town offers a harmonious blend of traditional and modern living, offering something for practically every traveller.


The hospitality of the local people in Motrila creates a wonderful atmosphere and makes one feel at home. Of particular note is the town's port, which is part of the group Puerto de Intesa del Estado (ports of general interest in the state).

What is the port of Motril interesting?

It was built more than 100 years ago, but has received its current form relatively recently. The port plays a key role in the cargo and passenger turnover of the region. For the comfort of tourists it has been equipped with a large number of marinas for small yachts and cruise ships. Once you arrive at the port, you can quickly reach the center of the city and its key attractions by bus, cab, rental car.

You can also get to the city center and its key attractions by bus, cab, rented car.

From Motril, ships depart mainly for the port of Melilla – another resort town in Spain on the African coast. There are up to 4 departures per week. They are offered by two major organizations:

  • «Balearia». The operator offers a variety of ferry crossings on the Mediterranean Sea. Its fleet consists of modern high-speed ferries with excellent conditions for recreation and entertainment of passengers.
  • «FRS Iberia». The company specializes in high-speed passenger transportation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Ways to get to the port

It is possible to get to Motril by sea from most of the other major ports in Spain. There are no airports in the town, but the nearest one is in Málaga – you can get there by bus, train or cab.

Find out the ferry timetable of the port of Motril and book your ferry ticket in advance on our website.

You can also check the ferry timetable of the port of Motril and book your preferred flight in advance.