Marseille to Propriano / Propriano to Marseille
2 crossings weekly
12 hr 30 min

Propriano is a fishing village in the past, and now a resort popular with tourists and yachtsmen in southwestern Corsica. The city attracts tourists with its beaches and the possibility of active recreation on the water. Since ancient times, dolmen and stone statues have been preserved in the vicinity of the city. The city has a developed tourist infrastructure.


Ferry service

Transportation from the port of Propriano to France is carried out by La Meridionale. Ferries depart from Propriano 3 times a week, usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the evening in order to be in Marseille in the morning. Ferries are comfortable, there is a common shower on board, those who wish can book a cabin.

The crossing to Marseille of two passengers with a car will cost on average a little more than 210 euros, the crossing of one passenger without transport - from 60 euros. Tickets should be booked in advance, since the price of tickets purchased on the eve of the trip can be significantly higher than those purchased 2 weeks before the departure of the ferry. Usually the cheapest tickets on Tuesday, the most expensive - on Saturday, but this rule is not always observed. The fee for a car depends on its size, and not only in length, but also in height. For a bicycle or trunk on the roof of the car will have to pay extra. If you want to travel in the cabin, you will also have to pay extra for this.

Port of Propriano

You can get to the port of Propriano from Figari Airport, about 60 km will take about an hour and a half without taking into account traffic jams, and they are common in Corsica in the high season. The access roads to the port are good, but there is no parking, there are small parking near the marinas and beaches. Regular cruises of Seabourn and Costa enter the port of Propriano. Large airliners get up on the raid, passengers are delivered to shore by tenders.

The ferry terminal is located at the exit from a huge almost round bay next to the marinas and the city embankment. The promenade has many restaurants, hotels and various shops. There are sandy beaches near the ferry terminal.

The ferry terminal has developed loading areas, but you cannot leave a car on them without a boarding ticket. You need to arrive for landing no later than 30 minutes before departure.

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