Piombino to Pianosa / Pianosa to Piombino
1 crossings weekly
2 hr 50 min
Rio Marina to Pianosa / Pianosa to Rio Marina
1 crossings weekly
1 hr 50 min

Pianosa is located southwest of the Elbe coast, between the west coast of Italy and Corsica. The small, flat island reaches less than thirty meters at its highest point. It used to be a maximum-security prison, which was only closed at the end of the 1990s. Most of the island is occupied by a national park, and the only settlement is a small village where there is a port where all passenger and transport ships come.


Pianos Ferry Companies 

The only carrier is «Toremar» founded in 1976 and connecting the mainland with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, including Elba, Giglio, Capraia and Pianosa. The company offers regular, convenient and safe ferry services. In 2011 Toremar was acquired by Moby Lines. The company's ships operate in all weather conditions, carrying about one and a half million passengers each year. The Toremar fleet consists of modern ferries with recreation areas, cafes and restaurants, small stores and even comfortable cabins. The ships can be used not only for traveling, but also for transportation of big loads or cars. Towards Pianosa Island, the company does not make more than one voyage a week, lasting about an hour and a half.

In the direction of Pianosa Island, the company operates no more than one voyage per week, lasting about an hour and a half.

It is rather difficult to get from the island of Pianosa to mainland Italy or the other islands of the archipelago, as there is only one transport company serving the port. This is why it is necessary to book your flight tickets in advance.

Features and location

As with the other Tuscan islands, Pianosa is a protected area, so the number of tourists is strictly limited. On the territory of the only village there is a mini-hotel, a restaurant and a couple of stores. There is no local transport on the island, so without the help of a guide you can not do anything. Because of this, tourists usually do not stay on the island longer than one day.

The port of the island is small and is a pier, which acts as a departure point for passenger ferries. The main direction of maritime transport – are the ferry crossings from the island of Elba and from the port to the mainland of Piombino.

The port of the island is a small pier, which acts as a departure point for passenger ferries.