A''Line — a local ferry company from Japan. It specializes in several types of transportation: passenger, cargo and charter flights. It uses the Scandinavian-style, barrier-free ferries Akebono and Ferry Hanoue. Both vessels have roomy cargo bays designed to carry cars, agricultural products, etc. Ferry Hanoue is the best choice.


A''Line's advantages

The ferry operator A''Line provides ferry crossings between the islands of Kyushu, Tokushima, Okinawa, Amami Oshima and Yoronjima, located in the southwestern Nansei Archipelago, also called the Ryukyu Islands. The comfort of the ferry ride is ensured by:

  • comfortable Japanese- and Western-style cabins;
  • shower room;
  • 9 men's and 6 women's locker rooms;
  • restaurant with 84 seats;
  • shop;
  • spacious promenade deck;
  • breastfeeding room;
  • smoking room;
  • room for the elderly; 
  • valuables box; 
  • room for pets.

There is an office aboard both ships where passengers can get all the information they need.

Regular A''Line flights

The ferry company A''Line operates the following routes:

  • Kagoshima — Okinawa;
  • Kagoshima —Kametoku;
  • Kagoshima —Motoku;
  • Kagoshima — Naha;
  • Kagoshima — Naze;
  • Kagoshima — Wagomari;
  • Wagomari – Yaron and others.

The route Kagoshima – Okinawa lasts 12 hours with stops at Naze, Kametoku, Wadomari, Yoron, Motobu, Naha.

Company services 

The ferry company creates the most comfortable travel conditions for people with disabilities. For them there is a service «Help on landing and disembarking» with the use of shuttle service. It must be ordered in advance, when booking the ticket.

Pet owners can travel with their pets. Ferries «Akebono» and «Ferry-Hanue» provide for this a special room equipped with air conditioning. It is important to familiarize yourself in advance with the conditions of transportation:

  • For small birds, small dogs, cats necessarily need a cage, carrier bag or basket;
  • no animals allowed in the cabin, regardless of size (this rule does not apply to working dogs and guide dogs).

Pet owners have unrestricted access to the room where their pets are housed.