Brittany Ferries


Routes: 22

Shortest Crossing: Cherbourg - Portsmouth 4 hr 30 min

Most Popular Route': Portsmouth - Santander

Brittany Ferries


Bilbao to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Bilbao
1 crossings weekly
23 hr 45 min
Bilbao to Rosslare / Rosslare to Bilbao
2 crossings weekly
27 hr 44 min
Caen to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Caen
2 crossings daily
5 hr 45 min
Cherbourg to Poole / Poole to Cherbourg
4 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Cherbourg to Portsmouth / Portsmouth to Cherbourg
1 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Cherbourg to Rosslare / Rosslare to Cherbourg
1 crossings weekly
16 hr 29 min
Cork to Roscoff / Roscoff to Cork
infrequent crossings
14 hr
Plymouth to Roscoff / Roscoff to Plymouth
4 crossings weekly
5 hr 30 min
Plymouth to Santander / Santander to Plymouth
1 crossings weekly
20 hr 15 min
Portsmouth to Santander / Santander to Portsmouth
1 crossings weekly
28 hr 30 min
Portsmouth to St Malo / St Malo to Portsmouth
5 crossings weekly
11 hr

To the clients «Brittany Ferries» plenty of routes is offered between France, Spain, England, and also Ireland.

Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries
Brittany Ferries

Points of setting

Ferriages come true both on short and on protracted routes in different cities. Eventual points always are situated in port metropolises with a tourist infrastructure. Ferriage on ferries «Brittany Ferries» the great number of interesting places will allow to visit, to visit the known restaurants, bars, shops.

Among the lovers of short trips, a route is popular Portsmouth-Havre on that it is possible to be taken across эконом-классом. It is an excellent variant for those, who cruise service is not important. A ferriage at that rate comes true on a ferry «Etretat».

About a company 

French ferry operator «Brittany Ferries» works from 1973. He is specialized both on passenger and on freight transportations between the countries of Europe. His fleet includes more than 10 courts, many of that are equipped under cruises.

Features «Brittany Ferries»

Except interesting routes organization offers to the clients high-quality service aboard a ferry. On courts entertainments for adults and children, comfortable cabins for rest, shops, and also restaurants of the French kitchen, it is possible deliciously to dine in that, are envisaged.

The presence of comfort cabins is special it is important at the protracted trips. They are reliably closed, and also have good soundproofing. It will allow to save the things in safety, and also to have a good sleep without depending on a daypart. If you do not want to spend much money, then book ticket on the ferriages of economy class. Cruise service is absent at that rate, however safety and comfort are however provided.

Our advantages

  • Variantness of services.
  • Various routes that affect the great number of interesting cities.
  • Quality service and service onboard.

Ferry ferriages from «Brittany Ferries» are legally considered one of comfort and keen – you can make sure herein, becoming familiar with accessible routes on our web-site.