Corsica Linea Ferries


Routes: 12

Shortest Crossing: Ajaccio - Marseille 10 hr

Most Popular Route': Marseille - Algiers

Corsica Linea Ferries


Ajaccio to Marseille / Marseille to Ajaccio
4 crossings weekly
10 hr
Algiers to Marseille / Marseille to Algiers
1 crossings weekly
26 hr
Bastia to Marseille / Marseille to Bastia
7 crossings weekly
12 hr
Ile Rousse to Marseille / Marseille to Ile Rousse
3 crossings weekly
10 hr 30 min
Marseille to Porto Vecchio / Porto Vecchio to Marseille
3 crossings weekly
13 hr 30 min
Marseille to Tunis / Tunis to Marseille
1 crossings weekly
20 hr 30 min

«Corsica Linea» is the French ferry company that carries out passenger and freight transportations from Marcel.

Corsica Linea Ferries
Corsica Linea Ferries
Corsica Linea Ferries

About a company

It was promoted company in France, in 2016. She has a fleet from 8 large ferries that is equipped under cruises. The start of another ship is planned in 2022. On the average organization transports half a million passengers in a year. Transportations come true at any time year. Among other the ships of company are distinguished by red registration with a logotype, on that the head of moor, symbol of flag of Corsica is represented.

Points of setting

The basic point of departure is port of Marcel. Ferriages come true on an island Corsica, bathing-place of Porto-Vecchio, and also to Tunis. Mostly eventual points are ports of cities Аяччо, Propriano, Bastia.

Features of «Corsica Linea Ferries» 

Company «Corsica Linea» known for the ferries. They not only have characteristic registration but also equipped in an order to provide maximally interesting and comfort rest to the passengers. Ships are equipped by plenty of comfortable cabins, and also garages for cars.

During a ferriage the travellers it is offered to visit restaurants with the refined kitchen, bars, entertaining zones, shops. A skilled auxiliary personnel that is always ready to come for help works on every ship. If you want calmly to rest, then can remain in a cabin – she is reliably protected from penetration and noise.

Our advantages

  • Comfort ships.
  • Quality service and presence of entertaining establishments onboard.
  • Interesting and various routes.

If you want well to rest, and also visit the interesting places of Europe, then will pay attention to services of company «Corsica Linea». With a time-table, routes, and also you can the tariffs of ferriages become familiar on our web-site. It is here possible only for a few clicks to buy a ticket.