CTN Ferries


Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Marseille - Tunis 19 hr

Most Popular Route': Genoa - Tunis

CTN Ferries


Genoa to Tunis / Tunis to Genoa
1 crossings weekly
19 hr
Marseille to Tunis / Tunis to Marseille
1 crossings weekly
19 hr
Marseille to Zarzis / Zarzis to Marseille
infrequent crossings
36 hr

«CTN Ferries» (abbreviation is decrypted as «Compagnie Tunisienne de Navigation») it is a large company that carries out ferry ferriages between ports of Tunis and continental Europe.

CTN Ferries
CTN Ferries
CTN Ferries

About our navigable company 

She is founded in 1959. Actively to develop she began only in 70th. During more than 40 she is specialized on transportations on Mediterranean.

Now a company owns 6 ferries for transporting of loads and passengers. Among them both relatively small models and large ships are envisaged «Carthage» and «Tanit» with plenty of places for people and garages for cars.

Features «CTN Ferries»

Stepping on a ship, you begin valuable vacation. On ferries the great number of restaurants with a different kitchen, night bars, cafe, pools, playgrounds and rooms is located for children, jacuzzi, and also duty-free shops. On the bar of administrator it is always possible to get a help or know useful information about a trip.

Services «CTN Ferries» will be comfortable for people that travel on the personal auto. Organization offers plenty of places for an auto, that will allow to be without effort taken across in a necessary term.

Points of setting

The passengers regular voyages are accessible to from ports of Tunis in the European countries and back. Eventual points are situated in the cities of Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and also Denmark.

Our advantages

  • Optimal correlation of price and quality of services.
  • Frequent ferriages on different routes.
  • Comfortable ships with by a great number entertaining establishments.
  • Possibility without effort to travel with the transport vehicle.

Organization «CTN Ferries» it is one of the most popular ferry operators of Europe, she is trusted by millions of people. Preliminary to become familiar with accessible routes, and also book ticket on a ferry you can on our web-site.