Albania Albania

Albania is famous unbelievable beauty landscape, transparent sea, cleanest beaches and rich cultural heritage. This country perfectly befits for quiet domestic rest on a coast and for tourists that love разноплановые walks and excursions. That it is possible inexpensively and deliciously to eat up in Albania is notable, in a menu many dishes are from fish, rice, marine products, meat, fruit and vegetables.


How to reach to Albania

Getting in a country is possible on an airplane with transplantation or on a car, but the most comfortable method — on water. Albania is washed by two seas, Ionic and Adriatic. A ferry report connects a country with Italy and island Corfu. Depending on direction to 12 voyages come true from one in a week.

From Italy ferries depart every day. The greatest port is in Albania — Durres, he is located on a central coast. From here is a report with the Italian cities of Bari, Trieste and Ancona. Also in Albanian ports of Vlore and Saranda foreseen route to Brindisi and to the Greek island Corfu. To buy and reserve round-trip tickets or only it is in one side possible on-line.

Ferry routes

In the direction of the Ionic islands ships walk with the report of Saranda - Corfu. With Italy Albania is linked by ferries plying on such routes :

  • Ancona– Durres;
  • Brindisi – Durres;
  • Bari – Durres;
  • Brindisi – Vlore;
  • Bari – Saranda.

Trips on a modern ferry are very comforts, tossing is practically absent. Comfortably and that in a journey on such ship it is possible to take a car.

Rest at the seaside, hike in mountains, excursions to the historical commemorative booklets — every tourist will find the most attractive for itself variant in Albania. Locals very friendly, and prices on a residence and meal are fully democratic. With a comfort a ferriage will help to reach in the necessary point of country on a ferry. To pick up a route and reserve tickets more comfortable than all on-line.