Egypt Egypt

Egypt – this one of the highly sought directions of tourism, in fact the state on a north-east every year visits more than seven million persons Africa. Quality beach rest on Red and Mediterranean seas, dilute keen diving, pyramids and Luxor – the country of sphinxes and pharaohs is ready to offer leisure suited to every fancy. One third of all ancient monuments of world value is concentrated exactly in Egypt.


Ferry infrastructure

A navigation is developed in Egypt, his territory is washed in fact Mediterranean and Red seas. A ferry report binds a country to Cyprus, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Venice, Jordan, islands. Basic ports are located in Alexandria, Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh. Because Egypt accepts tourists the whole year round, reserving a ticket on a ferry is recommended beforehand.

Basic routes of ferries are in Egypt

Marine ferriage – it is not only comfortable but also picturesque method allowing to get to destination even with the personal car. Among the most highly sought routes following.

  • Hurghada – Sharm El Sheikh. A ferry report the main resorts of country are bound by. Voyages ply every day. Time on the way – about five hours. There is also a flyboat that delivers passengers to the resort only after 1,5 hour. Cost of tickets – from 60 dollars and higher depending on the class of cabin.
  • Cyprus – Alexandria.
  • Venice – Alexandria.
  • Aqaba (Israel) – Sharm El Sheikh. A ferry plies every day. Also from port in Aqaba a ship leaves to Nuweiba and Tabi. A fare makes about 50 dollars. Reserving a ticket on a ferry is possible on-line.
  • Safag – Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). Ferries are served by a company Namma Lines.
  • Getting to Egypt from Jordan is possible, taking advantage of ferriage of Aqaba – Nuweiba .

Egypt – it is a treasure-house with ancient history that sharply contrasts on a background other African states. The country of eternal summer and warm sea combines in itself the developed infrastructure and unique national colour. Egypt – it is not only the real museum under open-skies but also place, where the great number of resorts is located suited to every fancy – from Hurghada to Cairo.