Elba Elba

Picturesque rocks drowning in thick greenery, wide beaches caressed by clear marine water, endless horizon… All of it about Elbe. The third areally island in Italy is known for that here at one time there was Napoleon Бонапарт in reference. Now Elbe is popular tourist direction, she is visited by more than million people in a year. Main resort of island – the capital and simultaneously largest port – Portoferraio.


Ferry infrastructure

The island related to the region Tuscany is dissociated from a city Piombino by a channel and there are in the distance only 10 kilometres from him. Corsica entering in the complement of France is located in 35 kilometres. Elbe is washed Tyrrhenian and Ligurian by seas. Such location does highly sought ferry ferriages. Ships ply regularly, and prices on passage – accessible. Booking ticket on a ferry is possible on-line. At reserving it is necessary to specify information about the transported transport vehicle, if such is present.

What exist ferry routes of Elbe

Main port, accepting numerous tourists arriving on ferries, and loads, this Portoferraio. Following on a size – Azzurro. Among the most highly sought ferry routes such.

  • Piombino Marittima – Elbe. Time on the way – from 20 to 40 minutes. Voyages carry out to the company Corsica Ferries, Blu Navy, Moby Lines and Toremar. The cost of ticket for passengers travelling on the personal car makes from a 40 euro.
  • Elbe – Corsica. A route is served by a company Corsica Ferries. Duration of voyage – about four hours.
  • Elbe – island Pianosa. A ferry plies three times per a week (Monday, Tuesday, environment). A route is served by a ferryman Toremar.

Buying tickets on a ferry is possible on-line, choosing the most advantageous variant.

Today Elbe – it is a magnificent and versatile resort that is visited not only for the sake of the equipped with modern amenities beaches in surroundings pine-trees and palms. Nature here makes happy by the staggering disorderly conduct of paints, architecture – by the variety of styles, and sea – by a pure cleanness and azure. The largest from the islands of the Tuscan archipelago incarnates an unicity and cultural and historical riches of this earth.