Finland Finland

Finland, in the minds of tourists, is associated with a distant, cold and expensive country. This stereotype, created undeservedly, is refuted by a multimillion-dollar flow of tourists from Russia, Germany, Sweden and other European countries. A characteristic feature was the increased (by 46%) number of tourists from China. Last year, the total number of tourists visiting the country exceeded 7.5 million people. With enviable regularity, Finland is recognized as the most country in the world (2014, 2016, 2018).


Of course, visiting museums, attractions of the capital Helsinki (as well as the cities of Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Porvoo), as well as environmental and religious types of tourism, are popular at all times of the year. Ski and Christmas tourism is determined by the winter period. Modern medicine and qualified doctors contributed to the development of medical tourism.

Ferry service in Finland

The total length of the outer coastline (more than 1,100 km), with 81,000 islands located in the coastal zone, contributed to the rapid development of navigation in the country, ferry services, in particular. The Finnish Transport Authority and the Finnish Transport Security Authority are responsible for water transport.

From the ports of Finland, regular flights are made to the EU countries (Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Russia). It is noted that passenger traffic is growing rapidly during the Christmas holidays and the New Year. It was at this time that an increase in tourists of the "winter period" was observed.

At this time, St. Peter Line, Finnlines, Viking Line and Tallink Silja and DFDS take on board their cruise ferries tens of thousands of passengers from different countries who want to celebrate holidays in Santa Claus.

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Thanks to the daily ferry service, there is a unique opportunity to explore Europe with their transport - companies ensure the safety of the tourist's car on board the liner.

Harsh but beautiful views of the northern shores, sea trips to the shores of Holland, France or Great Britain - such sea trips will satisfy the most demanding taste. Service and comfort on board the ferry will definitely leave only pleasant memories.