Gran Canaria Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Island, one of the famous islands of the Canary archipelago, is considered a favorite holiday destination for experienced tourists. Of course, the island is not as "promoted" as the famous Tenerife, but there are plenty of attractions and places for any type of recreation. Mass entertainment for tourists can be found on Tenerife, and you can visit the house - the Columbus Museum only on Gran Canaria. In addition, the administrative center of the island, the city of Las Palmas, founded back in the 15th century, is literally stuffed with medieval monuments.

Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria
Gran Canaria

The long beach with golden sand Las Canteras, one of the best beaches of Gran Canaria, is reliably protected from large waves by a natural reef. In the beach area there is the Alfred Kraus Concert Hall and the Castle of Light.

The nearest settlements also have a rich history. The village of Arukas, for example, is located literally near Las Palmas, but is famous for the medieval cathedral and the old colonial center.

Look at the man-made cascade waterfall in the village of Firgas, hundreds of thousands of tourists come every year.

Given that the distances between the villages are small, and Gran Canaria is considered a paradise for cyclists, no difficulties in moving are expected. Moreover, there are plenty of bike rental points on the island.

Listing the sights of the numerous villages of Gran Canaria can take tens of pages.

Ferry to Gran Canaria

Las Palmas has a very convenient port, well equipped with the necessary amenities for passengers, and is connected to the three main road routes.

The main ferry companies providing regular travel between the Canary Islands are the proven Fred Olsen Express, FRS VI, Naviera Armas and Trasmediterranea. Eight ferry services from Gran Canaria provide 7 destinations. You can see the exact schedule of departure and arrival of the ferry, find out the price of the ticket, or book it, always by visiting the website of the ferry operator company.

Carrier companies have ultra-modern high-speed ferries in their fleet, but there are also many ferries for long-distance crossings. In this case, a trip in a spacious cabin with a luxurious interior and impeccable service seems to be a natural addition to the rest in paradise, with which rest on Gran Canaria is associated.