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Latvia for a tourist is a very tidy piece, an extraordinary and unique combination of ancient urban architecture, the charm of archaic villages and farms, centuries-old castles and luxurious palaces with super modern centers of business and health. The polite and courteous attitude of the local population makes staying in the country comfortable and pleasant.


The capital of the state - Riga, occupies one of the first places in the list of attractions of Latvia. Riga Castle has become the residence of the Latvian presidents, being at the same time a museum of the history of Latvia, the House of the Blackheads (1334 year of foundation), amazes with its luxurious facade and wealth of interior, Domskaya Square is considered the heart of Old Riga. The high spire of the old church of St. Peter is visible from almost anywhere in the city. By the way, from the observation deck of the church (72 meters high), a magnificent panorama of the historical center of the capital of Latvia, protected by UNESCO, as the World Heritage of Mankind, opens.

Access to the Baltic Sea obliges Lithuania to have its own fleet.

Ferries, as a means of maritime communication, are also included in this list.

Latvian ferry infrastructure

Riga, as a major seaport, sends 5 modern ferries to international flights every week connecting Latvia with Sweden and Finland. Tallink Silia Line provides passengers of its ferries with real European comfort.

The transport company STENA LINE, one of the leaders in the field of ferry transportation, sends its ferries from the Ventspils passenger ferry terminal to the port of Nyuneshamn (Sweden). The company also operates a ferry service Latvia - Germany and Latvia - Norway.

About the current schedule, ticket prices, weather forecast, conditions for transporting pets on board the ferry and even about the classification of transported cars on the site. There you can book a ferry ticket, using a phone or the Internet. The developed infrastructure of the Latvian ferry service will help tourists easily reach the berths of Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland and Poland.

There may be many reasons to visit Latvia, but the result of such a visit is one - having visited Latvia once, the tourist will do everything to visit there again. Once again, you have to make sure that wonderful and uncharted places are not only for thirty lands, they are almost nearby.