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The first Muslim state in North Africa (784), founded by the direct heir to Mohammed, Morocco has always attracted tourists with an incredible combination of ancient traditions and modern realities of life. Only here shopping centers familiar to Europeans organically adjoin noisy eastern markets, only here you can see cars of the latest brands that overtake ancient carts.


In Morocco, a tourist can see both the coast of the Atlantic and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The hot breath of the Sahara is combined with snowy mountains, lifeless sandy hills - with temperamental and noisy cities that challenge the desert.

The combination of Arabic and African exotics attracts and fascinates travelers from the first minutes of their stay in Morocco. The capital of the state - Rabat, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, has gathered so many attractions in its city limits that sometimes it seems - Morocco's millennial history can be studied without leaving the city. The abundance of mosques and museums, medieval quarters, Medina in a white - blue color, the residence of the king - all this captures the attention of tourists at first sight. The palace of Mahkam - du Pasha seems to be a picture from an oriental fairy tale, and the 210-meter minaret of the Hassan II mosque simply makes you delight in the skill of ancient builders. The Mauritanian fortress of Kasba Udaya and the mausoleum of Muhammad V made of white stone are real cultural masterpieces.

The coastline of the Kingdom of Morocco provides for a developed maritime communications infrastructure.

Moroccan ferry service

ALM, Balearia, FRS, Grandi Navi Veloci, Grimaldi Lines, Inter Shipping, Naviera Armas and Trasmediterranea fully provide uninterrupted ferry service from 4 ports in Morocco. Twelve ferries of these companies make regular flights to Tangier - Med, Nador, El Hoseima and Tangier. You can book a ticket to any ferry, get the most up-to-date information about changes in the schedule, relocation rules or other innovations using our website.

Visiting Morocco, many tourists try to settle in the old medina, most often in riads (local hotels - wells). Knowing the local flavor, trading in the bazaars, being among the ancient buildings, the traveler begins to feel like a piece of the ancient kingdom, feeling like the discoverer of unknown lands.