Russia Russia

The transcontinental state, located in North Asia and Eastern Europe, covers a huge area - more than 17 million km2. Russia is an incredible treasure trove with its mysteries, incredible history and a lot of attractions. From Kamchatka to Vyborg, the country is full of natural and man-made wonders that can be explored indefinitely.


Picturesque Russia from the ferry

Russia is washed by 12 seas that belong to the basins of three oceans - the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. That is why both domestic and external water transport is developed in the Russian Federation. Ferry crossings connect the state with other countries, for example, Finland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea. Transportation is carried out by DBS Cruise Ferry and St Peter Line, which offer comfortable and safe ships.

Russia: how to get by ferry

The ferry crossing, which connects Kerch and the Krasnodar Territory, is a unique transport facility connecting the mainland and peninsula parts of the Russian Federation. Transportation of passengers and transport is carried out regularly all year round. It should be borne in mind that in the resort season passenger traffic is very large, so ferry tickets must be booked in advance.

Among the ferry crossings connecting Russia with other states, it is worth highlighting the following.

  • Tonhe - Vladivostok. The ferry runs once a week, the journey time is 2 hours.
  • Sakaiminato - Vladivostok. The ship leaves the port in Japan, allowing it to reach Russia in 43 hours. Since the flight is long, it is worth booking a ticket for a ferry with a cabin so that the trip takes place in comfortable conditions.
  • Helsinki - St. Petersburg. The ship runs three times a week, travel time - 14 hours.
  • Stockholm - St. Petersburg. Flights are operated once a week. The duration of the trip is 38 hours.

Cruise holidays on the Oka and Volga, beach - on the Black Sea, excursion - in the capitals and cities of the Golden Ring, active - on the endless expanses of Kamchatka. Russia can offer entertainment for every taste, striking with its scale and diversity.