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One of the capitals of world tourism, Turkey, has a large number of seaports and marinas. Travelling by water is an important part of the local tourism business, as well as one of the key services for travelers. Guests of the country have a wide range of different itineraries, among which there are strictly transport and cruise routes.

Particularly noteworthy are the country's three largest ports:

  • Istanbul
  • Izmirsky
  • Mersin.

These are located in developed tourist centers and are particularly sought after by vacationers. They can be reached from almost every part of Turkey, as well as from many other countries connected to it by sea routes (Greece, Italy, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.).


About Turkey's main maritime destinations

The largest port of Ambarli is located in the unofficial capital of the country – Istanbul. It is conveniently located near major land transport interchanges, allowing easy access to the city's key attractions. The port itself offers travelers many crossings to other parts of the country, as well as boat trips along its coast. The latter allow one to see many interesting and not particularly visible places from the land.

The city is a great place to visit.

The title of Turkey's second largest port is rivaled by the actively developing Izmir and Mersin. The former is a colorful metropolis second in size only to Istanbul. It is located in the western part of the country, and the interest among tourists is provided by a large number of attractions, well-developed entertainment infrastructure, as well as beautiful maritime nature.

The port of Mersin is located in the South of Turkey and was originally a small village of fishermen, but in the 20th century the active development of infrastructure began. Now it is a colorful and diverse city, where large commercial buildings and beautiful architectural monuments coexist.

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