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The United States is a leader in world trade and tourism. The country is home to a large number of seaports through which thousands of ships from around the world pass. In many cases, taking a ferry can be the best way to travel around the United States, so travelers should check the list of the nation's major ports.

Atlantic Coast

  • Port of Miami. It is a key conduit for U.S. and Latin American cargo traffic. At the same time, the port is an important passenger hub, as hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Miami through it. Travelers are offered easy access to significant infrastructure, attractions, and hotels.
  • Port of New York. A huge port complex, including the ports of New Jersey and Newark-Elizabeth. Ferries to it are offered by many major ferry operators and are a convenient way to get to one of the most important economic centers of the world.
United States
United States
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The Gulf of Mexico

The two largest ports in the Gulf of Mexico are located in the state of Texas. They are Houston and Laredo. They greatly simplify travel across the southern U.S. and also play a critical role in the state's economy.

Pacific Coast

  • Port of Los Angeles. The nation's largest port and one of the most important transportation hubs in the world. It hosts merchant and passenger ships from most parts of the world and offers travelers easy access to popular tourist destinations.
  • Port of San Francisco. One of the largest cargo and passenger ports in the world, which receives ships from all parts of the United States as well as many other countries around the world.
  • The Port of Seattle. Is a key transportation hub for trade with Asia as well as receiving tourists from it.

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