Livorno to Capraia / Capraia to Livorno
1 crossings daily
2 hr 45 min

In the Tuscan archipelago there is a small island of Capraia. It has a port and can only be reached by sea. In total, the third largest island of the archipelago is permanently inhabited by about 400 people, and in season thousands of tourists arrive there to enjoy the local nature: volcanic rocks perfectly harmonize with green fields of flowers.


Unpopular but very beautiful place

The port of Capraia receives only one voyage, which connects the island with the Italian city of Livorno. The voyage is quite popular, so every week 9 ferries arrive to the island. On holidays and during the season, the number of ferries increases. It is worth booking a ticket to the port of Capraia in advance so that you can see this incredible place for sure during your vacation. Cruise liners to the neighboring islands of Corsica and Sardinia also stop at the marina.

Travel with Toremar 

The ferry operator specializes in crossings between the islands and mainland Italy. The company offers its passengers unique excursions on the water. The regular flight Livorno-Capraia is operated only by this carrier. The voyage lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is quite enough time to get acquainted with the local waters. Toremar is characterized by high reliability, because it guarantees safe crossings even in adverse weather conditions. That is why it is possible to book the ticket in advance and your voyage will not be delayed or canceled.

Features of the Port of Capraia

The infrastructure on the island is extremely underdeveloped. There is no public transport or cabs, and the village where the whole population lives is placed behind the sea harbor. However, travelers will have places to stay and things to see. There are hotels and cottages on the island, where tourists can always rent a room. It takes just a few hours to get around the settlement. The size of the island is only 20 square kilometers.

The sea harbor is the only pass to Capraia. You can reach it only by water, by regular ferry from Livorno, by cruise ship or by rented boat.