Marseille to Zarzis / Zarzis to Marseille
infrequent crossings
36 hr

The small town of Zarzis (often called Zarzis among Russian-speaking tourists) is located in Tunisia, in the North of the African continent. It represents one of the most important tourist points of the country and Africa as a whole, as it offers a wide variety of opportunities for a wonderful beach holiday and acquaintance with the unique desert color.


From the mainland, Jardjis is practically surrounded by the Sahara – the largest desert in the world. The city coast is bathed by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Almost all buildings in Jardjis are built in the traditional Arabian style with predominantly white elements of decoration. How to get to the port?

If you are traveling to Africa by plane, you can fly to Zarzis International Airport. The latter is located near Zarzis and you can take a ferry directly to the city port. There are also maritime connections to other countries, such as France. You can take a direct flight from the port of Marseille, the crossing takes about 42 hours.

Properties of the port of Zarzis

The city port is served by «Corsica Linea» an operator offering flights to France and the island of Zarzis. The crossings are operated by comfortable modern vessels, which makes it a small cruise around the Mediterranean Sea. Directly in the port there are numerous entertainment facilities for tourists, as well as a wide range of routes for walks.

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