Clipper Vacations Ferries

Clipper Vacations Ferries

Operator "Clipper Vacations" offers ferry crossings on the "Victoria Clipper" between Seattle and Victoria, as well as at Friday Harbour.

Clipper Vacations was founded in 1986 by American entrepreneur Meridet Tall. For more than 30 years, it has been one of North America's most successful ferry operators and serves up to 8,000,000 customers a year.

Clipper Vacations Ferries
Clipper Vacations Ferries
Clipper Vacations Ferries


The greatest demand among travelers is for crossings between the state of Washington (departure is carried out from the city of Seattle, from pier "69") to British Columbia (ships arrive at the port of Victoria). This route runs through the strait of Juan de Fuca, the journey through which will allow you to enjoy beautiful natural views.

There are also flights from Seattle to the San Juan Islands, which are operated on the Victoria Clipper high-speed ferry. This is a short trip to picturesque places in Washington, which will give a lot of positive emotions.

Features of the ferry company

First of all, it is worth considering that not all Clipper Vacations routes are offered all year round. As a rule, you can make a crossing to the San Juan Islands only from May to September. Flights to British Columbia, in turn, are operated all year round.

The organization pays special attention to the comfort of passengers. Each of its vessels is equipped with comfortable seats with free space, sufficient even for the tallest people. Also for relaxation you can order a refreshing drink, or something to eat - food will be delivered directly to your place.

For lovers of beautiful, there is an opportunity to go on deck, breathe sea air, as well as enjoy local beauties from close range. In addition to crossings, the company offers tourist tours, as well as hotel rentals in various North America resorts.

Benefits of Clipper Vacations

  • High quality service on board.
  • Wide range of services.
  • Interesting routes to picturesque places.

"Clipper Vacations" is a ferry operator with a good reputation, the services of which are satisfied with millions of travelers.