Routes: 2

Shortest Crossing: Calais - Folkestone 35 min

Most Popular Route': Folkestone - Calais



Calais to Folkestone / Folkestone to Calais
30 crossings daily
35 min

«Eurotunnel» it is railway connection between France and Great Britain, that is laid under English Channel.


Points of setting

Trains on an Eurotunnel move in two directions – from Folkestoneto Calais and back. Time that passengers conduct on the way makes 35 minutes. A trip on an Eurotunnel is one of the most rapid methods of move from England to France or vice versa.

From the English terminal it will be possible to reach on the motorway of M20 on a car, and from her it is possible to go practically in any point of country. The French terminal is situated near-by Кале, from him it is possible to drive out on the motorway of А16. To reach from London to Paris through an Eurotunnel it is possible for 6 hours.

Features of «Eurotunnel»

Trains on an Eurotunnel ride every hour (to 4 sending). Thus booking ticket is possible 11 months prior to a journey. Limitations on luggage are not envisaged.

Registration on a train, as a rule, begins 45 minutes prior to his sending. For this time passengers can pass examination, dine in a restaurant, take advantage of ATM or point of exchange of currencies. On a train it is possible to convey pets – in terminals the special zones are envisaged for their выгула before a journey.

About a company

Building of bridge began as early as 1988 and lasted 4 hardly anymore. In 1994 he was unveiled by the queen of Great Britain and French president.

Our advantages

  • High-rate of service and journeys.
  • Presence of all services necessary for a comfort trip.
  • Possibility to pass with an own auto.
  • Accessible cost of journeys.

A trip on an Eurotunnel is the optimal method of visit of Great Britain from continental Europe and vice versa. For comfort you can beforehand become familiar with the chart of sending, and also book ticket on our web-site.