Finnlines Ferries


Routes: 10

Shortest Crossing: Kapellskar - Langnas 3 hr 25 min

Finnlines Ferries


Helsinki to Travemunde / Travemunde to Helsinki
7 crossings weekly
29 hr 30 min
Kapellskar to Langnas / Langnas to Kapellskar
1 crossings daily
3 hr 25 min
Kapellskar to Naantali / Naantali to Kapellskar
1 crossings daily
8 hr 25 min
Langnas to Naantali / Naantali to Langnas
1 crossings daily
4 hr 50 min
Malmo to Travemunde / Travemunde to Malmo
2 crossings daily
8 hr 45 min

The ferry operator Finnlines Ferries offers a wide range of routes between the countries of Skandinavia, as well as Germany, Russia and Aland islands.

Finnlines Ferries
Finnlines Ferries
Finnlines Ferries

About the company

Finnlines Ferries is considered one of the largest ferry organizations in Baltic and North Sea. The company is part of the Grimaldi Group, a large international association of shipping organizations. The range of services of the organization includes not only ferry crossings, but also tourist services in the largest ports of Finland, Helsinki, Turku.

The organization's fleet includes a huge variety of ferries in the modern and more vintage style. Each of them was built specifically for the cold climate and equipped for traveling through sections of the sea with a lot of ice.

On board ships there is a relaxing atmosphere of recreation, which is created due to a large number of cozy cabins, restaurants, cafes and bars, recreation areas for adults and children. Also, customers of the company can get to know the nature and sights of the region by simply going to one of the many convenient viewing platforms.

The operator carries not only passengers, but also goods, as well as cars. Finnlines Ferries services will be extremely useful to people who want to travel to countries and islands of Baltic Sea with a private car.

Customers can join the organization's club to access special offers, bonuses, and promotions. Thanks to this, it will be possible not only to get exclusive service, but also to reduce the cost of paying tickets.

Ferry routes

The operator offers daily crossings between Helsinki, Naantali, Longness, Kapelsher, Malmö. Routes run through places with beautiful natural scenery, as well as good views of local sights.

Travel by ferry "Finnlines Ferries" will allow you to see a lot of new and very interesting, as well as relax comfortably. You can get acquainted with the available destinations and ferry schedules, as well as order a ticket on our website.