Lineas Maritimas Romero Ferries


Routes: 4

Shortest Crossing: La Graciosa - Orzola 30 min

Lineas Maritimas Romero Ferries


Corralejo to Playa Blanca / Playa Blanca to Corralejo
4 crossings daily
30 min
La Graciosa to Orzola / Orzola to La Graciosa
9 crossings daily
30 min

«Lineas Maritimas Romero» – a family-run ferry organization that offers travelers ferry crossings through the Canarian islands.

About Lineas Maritimas Romero

The company was founded back in 1930 and was the first maritime postal company in Spain. Initially, its fleet consisted of one small boat that carried mail between several islands of the archipelago. Later the founder of the organization, Jorge M. Toredo, passed it on to his daughter. The latter married Juan Romero, who took over the organization and renamed it «Lineas Maritimas Romero». The key feature of «Lineas Maritimas Romero» is that its founders were born and have lived all their lives in the islands that the operator serves. Thanks to their guidance a lot of interesting routes have appeared which allow tourists to experience the local color and enjoy the amazing nature of the region.

Lineas Maritimas Romero Ferries
Lineas Maritimas Romero Ferries
Lineas Maritimas Romero Ferries

Particular attention is paid to the observance of environmental regulations, which allows preserving the purity of the nature of the region. The company's list of services includes boat charters as well as relaxed boat rides, complemented by a variety of entertainment activities on the water.

The company uses state-of-the-art boats with state-of-the-art equipment for crossings. Onboard you can relax in the comfort of the cabins or enjoy a stroll through the small bars, restaurants or the observation deck.

You can also take a relaxing break in the comfortable cabins or have a good time in the small bars, restaurants or a stroll through the observation deck.


«Lineas Maritimas Romero» provides a ferry connection between the mainland and the three islands:

  • Fuerteventura.
  • Lanzarote.
  • La Graciosa.

You can book your ferry and view the schedule in advance – just use our website.