Mahart Passnave Ferries

Mahart Passnave Ferries

Mahart Passnave Ferries — a Hungarian shipping company, which is the leading passenger transport company in Hungary. Its history began in 1886, during the modernization of the seaport in Fiume. Besides voyage routes all year round, the company offers tourist cruises, holiday and wedding services.

Mahart Passnave Ferries
Mahart Passnave Ferries
Mahart Passnave Ferries

Benefits of Mahart Passnave Ferries

The Mahart Passnave Ferries fleet consists of 27 ships of various sizes and capacities. This allows for conferences, press conferences, protocol and private events, receptions from businesses and travel agencies. A list of optional extras includes a high-level catering service. Among the services provided: 

  • excursion boat rental;
  • rental of hydrofoils;
  • Hire a boat for various events.

Passenger access aboard Mahart Passnave Ferries' ships and boats does not require a COVID certificate.</nbsp;

Mahart Passnave Ferries' boat fleet

Depending on the specifics of the trip, the number of passengers the company can offer:

  • double-deck vessel MS BUDAPEST for 500 passengers (suitable for conferences, presentations, receptions)
  • large river boats RÁKÓCZI, TÁNCSICS and HUNYADI (up to 400 passengers, suitable for river walks, cocktail parties)

There are also hydrofoil ships that are used for long cruises.

Key itineraries

Since 2021, the company no longer operates regular flights to Esztergom, Szentendre and Vatsa. The main destination remains:

  • Bucharest sightseeing tours by boat DUNA CORSO (one hour Danube sightseeing cruise from Vidado Square to Margaret Island, then back to Vidado Square);
  • LÁNCHÍD crossing line (one hour daily cruise along the LÁNCHÍD bridge);
  • Cruise around Budapest with a 30 minute dinner (available every evening except Christmas from December 23rd to January 1st, price €50, total price does not include drinks, vegetarian and gluten-free menu available to passengers)

For the convenience of passengers, river walks with dogs are possible for an additional fee. Pets are only allowed on the upper deck.