NorthLink Ferries

NorthLink Ferries

The ferry operator «NorthLink Ferries» provides a ferry connection between Scotland, Northern Orkney and the Shetland islands. The organization operates almost year-round (except for major holidays) and serves an important communication function between the islands for tourists and locals.

Where to go?

The list of ports the company serves includes:

  • Aberdeen.
  • Kirkwall.
  • Lerwick.
  • Scrabster.
  • Stromness.
NorthLink Ferries
NorthLink Ferries
NorthLink Ferries

What is the interest of the company's services?

The company is committed to complying with safety requirements, which even exceed all modern standards. This means that passengers can be sure of getting to their destination on time and without incident.

«NorthLink Ferries» has a fairly large fleet of modern ferries. The vessels are luxuriously equipped, providing passengers with the highest level of comfort. Customers are offered cozy cabins («suites» and budget variants), in which they can have a great rest during the crossing.

There are also special areas on the ferries for passenger entertainment, restaurants with delicious local cuisine, small bars with a wide variety of drinks, as well as playgrounds for children. At the same time, «NorthLink Ferries»customers can purchase interesting souvenirs and useful merchandise at the duty-free stores on board.

The ferries sail along beautiful routes – passengers can observe the beauty of local waters and coasts directly from their cabins, or by climbing to comfortable viewing platforms.

Benefits of «NorthLink Ferries»

  • Year-round accessibility and high frequency of crossings.
  • A wide range of amenities and extras onboard the ferries.
  • Lots of scenic hiking trails that allow you to see a large number of beautiful places.

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