Rottnest Express Ferries


Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Northport - Rottnest Island 30 min

Rottnest Express Ferries


B Shed to Rottnest Island / Rottnest Island to B Shed
4 crossings daily
30 min
Barrack St to Rottnest Island / Rottnest Island to Barrack St
1 crossings daily
2 hr
Northport to Rottnest Island / Rottnest Island to Northport
2 crossings daily
30 min

Australian ferry company «Rottnest Express» provides maritime services between the popular resort of Rottnest, Fremantle and Perth ports. In its nearly 60 years of existence, the organization has won numerous awards in various categories and has been recognized by tourists from all over the world.

Rottnest Express Ferries
Rottnest Express Ferries
Rottnest Express Ferries

Features of the ferry company's services

The operator's fleet consists of three high-speed passenger ferries:

  • «Starflyte».
  • «Eagle Express».
  • «Orlana».

On these, the routes offered to customers are covered in a time of 45 minutes to 2.5 hours (depending on the destination). The high speed of service allows «Rottnest Express» to perform several crossings on the same routes per day.

The area covered by the ferries is famous for its rough waters, over which it can be extremely difficult to travel. However, the operator has anticipated this and equipped its vessels with technology that can level out the negative effects of the environment and ensure the smoothest possible ride. Tourists can not worry about their safety and comfort because the catamarans «Rottnest Express» comply with the strict quality standards.

Passengers of the vessels are offered comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and large TVs, which will not allow them to get bored during the crossing. Another highly entertaining activity – watching the glimpses of Australia's beautiful natural surroundings flashing overboard. You can do this by getting out on the special viewing platforms which give you a great view and allow you to see the unique Australia up close.

Benefits of «Rottnest Express»

  • Fleet of high-tech and fast catamarans that meet strict safety requirements.
  • Comfortable conditions on board each vessel.
  • High speed passenger transportation to popular tourist destinations.

You can book your ferry ticket in advance – just use our website. You can also check out all the current offers from local ferry operators and view their timetables.