Seaworld Express Ferries

Seaworld Express Ferries

South Korea «SeaWorld Express» is one of the largest ferry operators serving crossings on the country's southern coast. It provides maritime service between the following locations:

  • Mokpo, South Jeolla province.
  • Haenam Usuyeung harbor.
  • Jeju Island.
Seaworld Express Ferries
Seaworld Express Ferries
Seaworld Express Ferries

The latter is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea. Most of the tourists get to the island by ferries of «SeaWorld Express» as it offers regular flights, the number of which increases in summer period.

Peculiarities of the organization

The company offers not only efficient but also comfortable transportation for passengers. Its flagship vessel is «Sea Star Cruise» – a large ferry that is equipped with a variety of cabins (budget, semi luxurious and VIP rooms). Restaurants, arcade game areas, free Wi-Fi and TVs are also provided on board.

Another large ship of the organization – «Santa Lucino». It has lots of comfortable cabins, a café and entertainment areas, but it also has a seminar room and a lounge with massage chairs. The latest in the «SeaWorld Express» fleet is the fastest catamaran «Queen Star 2» which provides the fastest crossings to Jeju Island. It is equipped with comfortable seating and observation decks from which you can admire the enchanting beauty of the local waters.

The operator's itineraries run along the picturesque Korean coastline, allowing you to view both ancient coastal settlements and major modern cities from an unusual angle.

Benefits of «SeaWorld Express»

  • Both high-speed and walking routes to enjoy the beauty of South Korea.
  • Comfortable, well-equipped vessels.
  • You can choose from a variety of amenities A large number of additional services and facilities on board the ferries.

Taking advantage of the organization's services will make traveling around South Korea much easier and more enjoyable. On our website you can purchase your ferry ticket in advance, as well as check the current ferry schedule.