SNAV Ferries


Routes: 20

Shortest Crossing: Naples - Ventotene 1 hr 50 min

SNAV Ferries


Ancona to Split / Split to Ancona
3 crossings weekly
11 hr
Casamicciola Terme to Ponza / Ponza to Casamicciola Terme
5 crossings weekly
2 hr 55 min
Casamicciola Terme to Ventotene / Ventotene to Casamicciola Terme
5 crossings weekly
1 hr 50 min
Lipari to Naples / Naples to Lipari
1 crossings daily
6 hr
Naples to Panarea / Panarea to Naples
7 crossings weekly
5 hr 5 min
Naples to Ponza / Ponza to Naples
5 crossings weekly
2 hr 50 min
Naples to Salina / Salina to Naples
7 crossings weekly
5 hr 35 min
Naples to Stromboli / Stromboli to Naples
7 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Naples to Ventotene / Ventotene to Naples
5 crossings weekly
1 hr 50 min
Naples to Vulcano / Vulcano to Naples
7 crossings weekly
6 hr 10 min

Italian company «SNAV Ferry» specializes in high-speed cargo-passenger transportation by sea and is one of the largest shipping organizations in South Europe.

SNAV Ferries
SNAV Ferries
SNAV Ferries

Tourists are offered ferries on three seas, by which Italy is washed by:

The company is one of the largest shipping companies in South Europe.

  • Adriatic.
  • Mediterranean.
  • Tyrrhenian.

About the organization's services

«SNAV Ferry» actively cooperating with another major shipping company – «Grandi Navi Veloci». Together with it they serve the ports of the following tourist destinations:

  • Sicilia.
  • Sardinia.
  • Spain.
  • Marokko.
  • Tunis.

Ferry services to these destinations are available all year round, almost every day (except on major holidays). There is also a daily connection between Naples and the largest islands of the Gulf of Naples. From mid-spring to mid-autumn, there are seasonal flights from Naples to the Aeolian Islands, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. From June to September there is a ferry service from Ancona to Split, which ensures the ferry connection with Horvatia.

The operator specializes mainly in high-speed crossings. It operates a large fleet of many catamarans and high-speed ferries, many of which are equipped with hydrofoils. SNAV Ferry» carries out crossings on modern vessels, which are equipped with modern technologies of navigation and safety. Thanks to this, transportation is not only fast but also safe.

In addition, the ships provide comfortable places for passengers to relax, free Wi-Fi, TVs, small cafes, where you can have tasty meals. While passing the time, you can enjoy the marvelous scenery of the seas lapping Italy – it is possible to do that on the convenient viewing platform.

Benefits «SNAV Ferry» 

The key one is the high efficiency of the service, which is ensured by a large fleet of modern vessels. It is also worth mentioning the large number of regular and seasonal itineraries that allow convenient travel throughout South Europe.

Reservations for the company's ferries can be made in advance – just use our website.